About Rove

Who are we?

We are the adventurers, the pioneers, the intrepid wanderers seeking out a fresh perspective. We are the offbeat explorers, the roadies and the mountaineers. We are the hikers and the bikers.

Whether seated in the cockpit of a kayak or on the saddle of a bike, we take the rivers and roads less travelled to unearth the extraordinary and the unforgettable. We are a community of like-minded individuals, rewarded by sincere cultural encounters. We enable those that join us to push the limits alongside fellow travellers. We do this because it is what we love. We do this because it is who we are.

We are Rove.

Why choose Rove?

Rove delivers the best cycling, trekking and water-based adventures across some of the world's most exotic and unspoiled destinations. We seek out the most unforgettable journeys within our destinations and combine them with our unique Rove experience. From small group tours with guaranteed departures, to private trips and exclusive, tailored journeys, we create every adventure to be one that lasts.

We built Rove for people like us

Travellers these days are seeking a much greater level of freedom and are aspiring to explore unseen areas and engage with the locals much like in travel’s golden era. Only nowadays, a bit more comfort is preferred. Combining these elements and delivering a truly multi-cultural adventure has been integral to designing our journeys.

Inclusion and diversity has also been at the heart of our development and our small group tours enable travellers to meet other likeminded spirits from right across the world. We do not separate our groups by nationality and we are taking an industry leading approach to the solo travel experience by not charging supplements for single travellers. We believe strongly that everyone should be enabled to travel and to explore our world.

The right action at the right time

Taking advantage of our expertise in multiple sports and activities, we are able to offer the best mode of travel, chosen specifically to complement the environment in which it is taking place. This allows for a broader and more richly rewarding experience, as well as the uncovering of cultural encounters not accessible by other means.