A few things you need to know

Who Founded Rove?

Rove was founded in 2016 by Holly Richter (Formally of Backroads, EXO Travel), Struan Robertson (Formally of SpiceRoads) and David Ertle.

How can I reach Rove?

You can reach us via email at hello@rove.travel or by using the contact form provided.

What do your trip prices include?

Not included: Long haul airfare, alcoholic beverages, tips for Tour Leaders and personal expenses

If I’m traveling alone, do I have my own room or will I be sharing?

Single travellers are given their own room. One thing that we are very proud of at Rove, is that we do not charge single supplements. This does not come with any hidden costs or unexpected surprises.

What level of fitness do I need to be able to take part in a Rove tour?

Every adventure is different, we classify our trips by their appropriateness for casual, enthusiast and avid adventurers. Please see the tour description pages to learn more.

Do you offer private departures for small groups?

Yes, we offer private adventures and fully-tailored tours designed around your wishes for your next adventure.

What happens to our luggage?

Rove will ensure the safe transfer of your luggage between overnight stays. On some days, it may be recommended that a day pack is carried with you for convenience.

How far in advance should I book my holiday?

The earlier you book the better. Though we recommend booking a minimum of one month in advance in order to allow time for ensuring compliance with any visa requirements for the country in which you are traveling.